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2) Lens Angle

The #1 thing that decides how far away the camera must be from your face, is the focal point edge. For instance, when I shoot inside with my iphone on the tripod mount, I need to move it double the separation away contrasted with a general camera. This influences sound quality too, since it doesn’t have an outside mic like a DSLR. You can correct this effectively for open air shooting with a selfie stick, however to me it gets sort of peculiar utilizing a selfie stick for work area shoots in your office since you’re not physically moving around (but rather your hands will hold the selfie stick!).

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20mm – 24mm is a decent size to keep your arms at an agreeable separation from your body, and still get the entire shot while in a hurry. Obviously in case you’re in a static setting and utilizing a tripod, this isn’t as quite a bit of an issue. Be that as it may, for the vast majority simply beginning, you need the best all around camera for all circumstances, so you can begin with your every day recordings without using up every last cent on numerous camera setups.

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